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Carbon footprint of a bicycle.

When setting up the “plan” for the shop I did a little research on the carbon footprint of a “new” bicycle. The idea was to point out that either buying a good used bike or getting that old dusty thing hanging in the garage tuned up and running would be a whole lot better than […]

Habitat 500 mile bike ride

This is always the hardest part. Asking you to donate to something you may or may not see.  This year I’m hoping to make sure you get to see it and the people who will live there (post ride).  I do, however, get to see what your donations build.  Every year I do the ride […]

Mr P. and the Snowman

The night before the last “big” snowstorm my niece’s 4th grade teacher got a call stating that school would start an hour late.  The next morning they called off the late start but forgot to call Mr. “P.”  When the kids got to class they learned that Mr. P would be late and were asked […]