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Carbon footprint of a bicycle.

When setting up the “plan” for the shop I did a little research on the carbon footprint of a “new” bicycle. The idea was to point out that either buying a good used bike or getting that old dusty thing hanging in the garage tuned up and running would be a whole lot better than […]

Water water every where.

Several weeks ago I noticed the CITY out checking waterlines and various other things that the CITY is checking to justify their existence and show us “your tax dollars at work.”  About a week after that I noticed a bit lower water pressure here at the shop and just assumed the CITY figured I had […]

What about the details?

So the linked article appears in the Star Tribune, from AP, who got it from WCCO (tv).  My rant and question to the reporters who post this article.  What about a helmet?  Was the youth wearing a helmet?  This, to me, is one of the most important issues of the article and it’s missing.  They […]

Minneapolis cyclists, hello?

Eventually this type of enforcement will come to Minneapolis and it’ll be about time.  Don’t get me wrong I think this is a great place to ride but with the number of recent articles printed lately that are pro and con cyclists this type of traffic enforcement will balance the argument.  Who on two wheels […]


The plan was to come home, do the normal early evening family routine, get the kids to bed, then finish reading a bicycle related article that my wife sent me and then post a nice little blog on that article with a link to the article.  Well a medium sized plumbing job, clearing the bathroom […]