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Here’s the deal: use your imagination. It’s your friend and local bike shop owner standing by the off-ramp, with his bicycle and his backpack, flying a cardboard sign. Oddly enough, however, his sign reads that he’s collecting money not for himself but for a charity and he’s willing, as they all say, to work for […]

Habitat 500 mile bike ride

This is always the hardest part. Asking you to donate to something you may or may not see.  This year I’m hoping to make sure you get to see it and the people who will live there (post ride).  I do, however, get to see what your donations build.  Every year I do the ride […]

Water water every where.

Several weeks ago I noticed the CITY out checking waterlines and various other things that the CITY is checking to justify their existence and show us “your tax dollars at work.”  About a week after that I noticed a bit lower water pressure here at the shop and just assumed the CITY figured I had […]

Mr P. and the Snowman

The night before the last “big” snowstorm my niece’s 4th grade teacher got a call stating that school would start an hour late.  The next morning they called off the late start but forgot to call Mr. “P.”  When the kids got to class they learned that Mr. P would be late and were asked […]

Bike racks – for vehicles

Dear Customers, For your vehicles: I do not “stock” them but have both Yakima and Thule roof rack systems available (normally next day) and then Thule, Yakima, and Saris for trunk or rear mounted systems (again, normally next day).  I also have a couple of other systems available for pick up beds.  If there is […]

“Still crazy after all these years…”

Why not?!  Purchased a batch of great “home mechanic” vintage frames and bikes from a super person in Duluth.  If you’ve watched Craigs-List then you might have seen the posting.  Well, now those bikes are available at my shop!  Wow!  Stop in and check out the first ten!  I’ll try to get a couple of […]

T-shirts to rags

It might take a little extra time in making them but since taking over the space the shop has gone through only 1 (partial) roll of paper towels.  The shop rags and towels are all down-cycled t-shirts cut to size.  When they get too full of grease etc. they go in a bucket and then […]

Sun light

It happens every year about two weeks ago.  The happy fuzzy feelings of the holidays are over and the cold dark of winter grabs hold of my ambition and shoves it into one of the brown icy Minnesota snowbanks.  It usually takes about a week for me to figure it out and another week for […]

Looking for artists

Hey there,  I’m looking for people who create art and items (hand bags, magnets, clothing, etc) from reclaimed materials and who want to sell those items in a retail setting.  Follow the contact link or give me a call at the shop and we can get something set up.  Thank you!

PUMPKINS at the shop

Hey, stop in and sign up (if you have not already) to be on my email or mailing list and get a FREE pumpkin.  Well, at least until I run out of the things. A very special thanks must go out to the family that donated them to the shop.  So, if you want to […]