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Here’s the deal: use your imagination. It’s your friend and local bike shop owner standing by the off-ramp, with his bicycle and his backpack, flying a cardboard sign. Oddly enough, however, his sign reads that he’s collecting money not for himself but for a charity and he’s willing, as they all say, to work for […]

Carbon footprint of a bicycle.

When setting up the “plan” for the shop I did a little research on the carbon footprint of a “new” bicycle. The idea was to point out that either buying a good used bike or getting that old dusty thing hanging in the garage tuned up and running would be a whole lot better than […]

Experienced riders

Today a rider, and this person is a rider, stops in to pick up his bike.  The bike needed a basic tune up and a crank arm replaced.  The rider and I start a conversation about his bike and then it quickly leads into his age.  This guy is 83 years old and riding strong.  […]

New bike at a used shop

Sitting at home watching an episode of “Eco Trip.”  A show that discusses how certain products work in the environment.  Granted, I have questions about the footprint the manufacturing of a new bike makes on the planet but I can’t get the new bike at the shop out of my mind.  No doubt that the […]

Old to new.

So back on the Grand Opening day a customer came into the shop and was asking me about whether or not I could take a batch of new parts he bought or was buying and install them on his old bike. “Sure thing!”  It would make better sense, however, to get the parts from me […]