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Tool purchase

So, I’m totally tool geeking out tonight.  I made a great contact through a contact (names etc have been changed to protect…).  After doing a Google search for this person and his business, found the site and an email address, I sent him an email asking if I can stop by this week and purchase a cotter press.  “What the heck is a cotter press,” you may ask?  Well, back a few years ago some person came up with the insane idea to attach pedals to the bottom bracket spindal/axel using a cotter pin set up (stop by the shop and I show you an example).  Initially it “looks” like a good idea.  NOT!  It takes a special tool to get these cotter pins out once they are bolted in, especially if they have been in for a while, which, is almost always the case.

Last summer I was taking apart a couple of bikes, for Jamie at Sunrise Cyclery, and had a couple of these cranks to pull off said bikes.  At one point I had used a hammer, a bigger hammer, a punch, and finally a drill to get one of the pins out.  I’m really glad the my youngest was too young, at the time, to catch on to what daddy had to say about the whole process and can’t repeat it to anyone.

Anyway, this person, back to the cotter press, sends me back an email and then calls me.  He lives in the neighborhood and wants to stop by to deliver the tool and chat.  We talked bikes and I was totally geeking out.  This tool is so simple but absolutely perfect for the job.  Thanks, you know who, for stopping by, delivering the cotter press, and chatting bikes, tools, etc. with me.

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