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Here’s the deal: use your imagination. It’s your friend and local bike shop owner standing by the off-ramp, with his bicycle and his backpack, flying a cardboard sign. Oddly enough, however, his sign reads that he’s collecting money not for himself but for a charity and he’s willing, as they all say, to work for it. “Will RIDE for Habitat funding.”

Yup, that’s right, I’m “flying a sign” to get money. Money from you– a charitable donation for Habitat for Humanity. “What does this donated money do?” you ask. “Is this dollar just going to just “get wasted”, or will it actually get used for good?” Well, let me tell you.

First, I have done many long distance rides for charity and none of them as significant as the Habitat for Humanity 500 Mile Bike Ride. I ride because I like to ride. I choose to do THIS ride because it raises awareness towards Habitat for Humanity and BUILDS a house for one family who really needs one. “Really,” you ask? Yes! I have ridden my bicycle to help build five houses and many of my friends who ride have ridden to build many more houses. I’ll spend a week riding 500 miles by bicycle to raise awareness of our goals, the project, and raise funds to build this year’s “Bike Home.”

“Where is my money going?” you ask. As I mentioned, the money you send on my behalf goes to the “Bike.home” – a real house for a real family. This year’s “Bike.home” will be in Hutchinson, MN, Habitat for Humanity MN’s 2000th home. Yes, the money you donate on my behalf goes to build the actual structure. If you’re familiar with Habitat for Humanity, you know that this house isn’t just a handout. The real benefit of Habitat of Humanity is that it does not just give people houses. The owners/beneficiaries MUST help build and finish the houses they are about to occupy. The people who benefit have to supply their own “blood, sweat and tears” to finish the house, and they essentially get a zero-percent loan that they have to pay back.

“How much of my dollar is going towards this charity,” you ask? An astonishing $.93 out of every dollar goes to the beneficiaries of Habitat for Humanity. That’s right, nearly every penny you send me goes to building a needy family the structure to finish a house.

You are about to help build not only a house but a family’s confidence in home ownership. They will be able to take real ownership of a home that they, you, and I have all helped to build together.

EASY DONATE HERE: HABITAT500-Mike Kmiecik-Rider-72

More Fun DONATE at the shop. I can take cash, check, credit card and all the money goes to HFH500.

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