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Day off

It’s Thursday and I’m thinking I should be getting lots of house work done.  Then I start thinking about being at the shop and the line of bikes sitting there waiting to refurbished and the list of projects waiting to be done there too.  The life of owning your own bike shop.  Well, I’ll get this little note done and then it’s off to work on the house work.

September was a good month, a slow but steady line of bikes came through the door for tune ups and repairs.  Thank you to all of you who needed the service.  It’s always a pleasure to be able to work on your bikes.

We picked a name from the jar for the free floor pump drawing and have called the lucky winner.  That person has not stopped by or called me back so we might just have to pick a new name.  I’ll make one more call tomorrow and if we do not hear from them by Sunday then we’ll pick a new name.  No names will be posted on the blog unless we have that person’s permission.

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