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New bike at a used shop

Sitting at home watching an episode of “Eco Trip.”  A show that discusses how certain products work in the environment.  Granted, I have questions about the footprint the manufacturing of a new bike makes on the planet but I can’t get the new bike at the shop out of my mind.  No doubt that the footprint of driving a car far out weighs that of riding a bike.  But, what an odd day today.

Mid-afternoon a guy stops in with a brand new, still has the plastic and cardboard on it, Schwinn, limited edition, Fat Tire Amber Ale, cruiser bike.  What a cool looking bike.  It’s a direct copy of the 1955 version of Schwinn bikes complete with tank horn and front fender light.  It’s really cool!  A neighbor of the shop owns it but can not use it and wants to sell it.  I have a bike shop and can help.  This neighbor has a friend drop it off.  I want it.

About an hour later a young boy stops by the shop with his bike.  His bike is the exact opposite of the Schwinn and in really rough shape.  He knows this and wants to know “how much it would cost” to fix up his bike.  To be honest with him, and you, it’s not worth it.  How the kid was able to ride the bike to the shop, the five blocks, I’m not sure.  It’s has no working brakes, the seat rails are bent, the front fork is twisted, the handle bar is loose in the stem, and the stem is loose in the head set.  Really!  Come on!  Kids have to ride bikes in this condition.  At least he’s got a bike, right?!?  Granted, I don’t know the whole story but this kid cared enough to bring his bike to a bike shop.  I would not have been surprised to pull this bike out of a dumpster but to have a kid actually ride it up to the shop.  Lance’s bike handling skills are nothing compared to this kids.

So, I’m going to fix up the bike or find a better one for free .  It’s my shop and that’s what I can do.

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