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Sun light

It happens every year about two weeks ago.  The happy fuzzy feelings of the holidays are over and the cold dark of winter grabs hold of my ambition and shoves it into one of the brown icy Minnesota snowbanks.  It usually takes about a week for me to figure it out and another week for me to get out of it.  Coming out of “it’ usually coincides with the day or two where I notice that it’s still light, sun having set but casting light, around the five o-clock hour. Once I make it to this point I know mental survival is possible, the winter is done and soon it will be spring.  There will be more snow and cold but the extra light of day keeps my perspective much more positive.

It’s already the 15th of January and after looking at the blog realized that nothing, aside from blocked spam, has been on the “blog.”  Several things were in the works but they were mainly angry rants, again the dark mood, about some of the crime in the area and the lazy people who feed their habits from our hard work.  Posting this is my way of beating a low in my productivity ambitions and jamming it into gear to move forward on the projects my creativity won’t stop building.  In other words, I have done nothing about anything but think about very specific projects.  Time to start creating and building again.

If you have a bike that needs fixing, parts, etc. I can help with that too.

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