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T-shirts to rags

It might take a little extra time in making them but since taking over the space the shop has gone through only 1 (partial) roll of paper towels.  The shop rags and towels are all down-cycled t-shirts cut to size.  When they get too full of grease etc. they go in a bucket and then home to be washed.  Once the shop acquires a good working second hand washer they washing will be done here.  Drying will be done by line.

Looking around the shop I’m reminded of how much of the space was built up using up-cycled fixtures, building supplies, paint, etc.  There are about 4 items that were purchased “new” for the shop.  Two of those items were light fixtures which are too dim for the space.  Turns out, if I had been more patient, a great set of track lights became available on K-bid.  I won the bid and am cleaning, painting, and getting them ready to be set up soon.

A while back there was a great article in the Star Tribune talking about buying items at second hand shops, garage sales, etc.  The idea was that most of the things people need can be bought at these places at a major savings.  A person just has to get used to up-cycling being cool, trendy, a possibility.  The key was to make a list of the things you need, maintain the list, find and then start shopping at these second hand shops and garage sales.  The great thing about shopping this way is that you’ll support a lot more LOCAL businesses and people.

Take a look at “The 3/50 Project.” CLICK HERE

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