• April 2021
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“Still crazy after all these years…”

Why not?!  Purchased a batch of great “home mechanic” vintage frames and bikes from a super person in Duluth.  If you’ve watched Craigs-List then you might have seen the posting.  Well, now those bikes are available at my shop!  Wow!  Stop in and check out the first ten!  I’ll try to get a couple of photos up on the web site or Facebook between repairs and tune-ups.  Good Luck.

The track light is up and lighting up the place.  A special and great big “THANK YOU” to my brother-in-law for the help on my “day-off.”  It’ll take some time to adjust the lights to what I want but it’s much brighter in here and a bit more shop/retail-like in the place.  All the bikes look shinny and new-ish with the extra light.  Once again I’ve managed to up-cycle some old lights and track to make this little shop look better.

Thanks everyone for the early spring business and word-of-mouth work.  I’m having more fun and loving my “job” more and more every day!

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