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This is very nice and completely unexpected…

I received this note (below) today, it really made my day and week.  “Thank you,” and “you’re very welcome” to the person who sent me this note.



I wanted to thank you once again for helping me get my bike packed and ready to ship back to Maryland.  I very much appreciate that you took precious time out of your work day to help me!

In appreciation of your help, I donated to another organization dear to my heart called Hospital Albert Schweitzer (HAS). Located in Deschapelles, Haiti, my husband’s uncle was a physician at this hospital for over 30 years.  We had the opportunity to visit in 2004 where we met the local Haitians –  desperately poor people, but amazingly appreciative of the small amount of health care they could receive at this hospital.

As you know, Haiti suffered terribly during the earthquake six months ago. HAS was not affected physically by the earthquake but since it was one of the only hospitals in working order, HAS was overwhelmed with the amount of Haitians that showed up at its doors in need of medical attention from injuries suffered because of the earthquake.  Teams of physicians and their staff flew in from all over the world to help with the increased demand of injured patients.  The hospital has recovered from its crisis mode of the earthquake only to recently be affected by a terrible flood that occurred very near to the hospital grounds.  Because of severe deforestation on the island of Haiti, floods are not uncommon.  Unfortunately, it is a constant cycle of need.

The hospital is in ever need of support  – I donated to HAS in your name Mike, in appreciation of your selflessness and willingness to help out a fellow rider.  I’m so glad I was able to meet you and hope to see you in a future Habitat 500!

All the best,

—- ——”


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