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Water water every where.

Several weeks ago I noticed the CITY out checking waterlines and various other things that the CITY is checking to justify their existence and show us “your tax dollars at work.”  About a week after that I noticed a bit lower water pressure here at the shop and just assumed the CITY figured I had too much pressure and dialed back a bit.  Turns out the whole building’s (3 businesses) pressure is down and it’s now a “broken water line.”  Coincidence?  The CITY says “NO!” and on top of that my building owner and “Supplier” of coffee, who from here on out will be kindly referred to as Supplier, is responsible for the repair.  What!?!  The CITY comes out and tinkers with a water line, possibly breaking it, and now we have to pay for it?!?  Is that like having to pay for the constant stream of oil coming into this country too.  Our government “breaks it,” the Alaska Pipeline, or entirely makes a big mess of things, the “conflicts” abroad, and then WE (notice the big we) have to pay for it.  Nice (dripping with black greasy wet sarcasm).

Suffice it to say that replacing the thing the CITY broke is going to take a couple of days and I really can not run the shop having to ride two blocks home every time I need to “use the facilities” or wash stuff like a bike parts or my hands.  Thus the shop, in addition to normally being closed on Sundays and Mondays during the winter, will be closed on Tuesday the 25th and Wednesday the 26th.

For those of you who know me, you’ll know then that I’ll be at home working on that other home improvement project.  Just one more reason I “love” this CITY.

If you need some work or something from the shop I’m only a phone call and a short walk away.

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