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Bike shop and art gallery?

Right from the web site…

The goal of the shop is to either rebuild the bikes I take in  and get them back out on the roads, paths, etc. or I strip them down and recycle the frame and parts to either a recycling center or into pieces of  art or other projects.  I should be able to recycle 90%, or better, of each bicycle.

The art and projects that will be featured in the shop will also follow the recycling theme.  The store will feature art and gifts made from mostly recycled materials.  Some things will be bicycle related and some will not.  If you have an interest in showing or selling your recycled product or art at the shop please contact me.”Bike shop and art gallery.  Where’d you come up with this concept?”

It has suddenly occurred to me that I’m much like Spock (from Star Trek).  My father is, mostly, a very logical and sensible person, very Vulcan.  He taught me how to take things apart, figure out how they work, and then put them back together again.  My mom, on the other hand, is an artist and very creative.  Put these things together and you get me.  It was not long before I got bored with taking the toys apart and putting them back together and started combining toys and parts to make new stuff. I enjoy tinkering with bikes, making them work, getting them clean, showing them off, and, most of all, riding one.The shop opened because I wanted a place to express my love of bikes and art.  No, I’m not a bike fanatic. I don’t know everything there is to know about every whirly-bob, do-dad, and what-not on a bike, and every make and model of every bike ever put out on a road or path but I’ll figure out what might be wrong with your bike and either fix it for a fee or give you lots of free advice.  I’m not an art snob either.   Everyone’s idea of art is different, that’s just fine.  Not everyone will like the art in Bikes and Pieces on a given day.  It’ll change here and there and eventually there will be some art on the walls, floor, ceiling etc. for “those” people.

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